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We Remember You... Deviations from Lost Artists; those who: have Quit, been Banned/Suspended, been Offline for a Year or More, or have Passed On...

Rest in Peace :iconvince3:

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Spoilers and unfinished stories... 

4 deviants said Nothing is ever finished. Post what you have while you can. :meditation:
3 deviants said I want to know everything :evillaugh:
2 deviants said If it means you'll get off your arse and post more than one chapter a year, I'm game! :lmao:
No deviants said I'd rather wait to find out :plotting:


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2 deviants said 2 years since your last poll, and this is the best you could come up with?! :roll:
1 deviant said If I say yes, can I hang out here for a while? :lonely:
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Just a few hours ago, we lost another artist:
just hours after posting: 
<da:thumb id="490162752"/>
Asian Pose 5
someone had commented about copyright... less than 2 hours latter CrazyTrain800's account was deactivated. :(

Crazy Train is one of MANY artists in the Amazon/Femuscle community who morphs images randomly found on the net. While this is in a gray area about Fair Use, Remixing is a Vibrant Part of the Modern Art World. In music, artists are allowed samples of up to 30 seconds in length -- yet, no such standard exists for use in Visual Media. Funny, seems like every movie and story out of Hollywood is just a REHASH OF THOSE BEFORE IT... We all take inspiration from what we see, and think of variations on the original theme. The lines on what is allowed and what is punishable by artistic death are extremely blurred. These antiquated laws exists to protect LARGE CORPORATE INTERESTS, and are only occasionally invoked to protect the actual content creators.

We should respect the Original Authors of Content, yet we MUST also respect Derivative Works. All of Fan-Art, Fan-Fiction, and Cos-Play falls under this. And, more importantly, so does EVERYTHING EVER INVENTED. "If I have seen farther than others, it is by standing on the Shoulders of Giants...", Sir Isaac Newton. All of Science and Human History is based on Shared Knowledge and Common Culture. Why in recent years have we become so aggressive in protecting the financial interests of the few over the shared interests of all?

To quote another copyrighted phrase controlled by the mass media industry, " THE NEEDS OF THE MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW... ".

I, for one, vote we move ALL Patents and Copyrights into the Creative Commons Attribution model. Human History is Open Source. Anything else is an Abuse of Power.

What do y'all think? (Comment, Please.)

I've started a Collection titled "We Remember..."

Our community has lost far too many artists, its time someone speaks up.

Valle con Dios, my friend crazytrain800; you shall be missed.
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What is the meaning of life? 

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